Action shot at Eroticon 2017! (Photo by Sarah Jane)

In addition to writing about sexuality here at Formidable Femme, I also take my work offline for workshops and speaking engagements. I’ve taught workshops at colleges, including Brandeis University and University of Massachusetts at Amherst, international sexuality conferences, and feminist sex shops.

Here, you’ll find a list of the workshops I offer and my upcoming workshops. If you’d like to book me as a speaker, get in touch!

Workshop Offerings

I teach workshops on sexual freedom more generally as well as workshops that are more tailored to sex bloggers, writers, and other industry creatives. Below is a list of my most popular workshops, but I’m happy to custom design workshops, as well.

Pleasure is Your Birthright: From Sex Toys to Sexual Freedom

What do sex toys have to do with social justice, sexual liberation, and political resistance? Join Sarah for this interactive workshop and learn about how pleasure is your birthright! We’ll cover body-safe sex toy basics and why sex toy materials are a key part of sexual freedom, what we should expect from sex toy companies, the importance of supporting feminist sex shops in this political moment, and how we can see pleasure as resistance.

• • •

Healing, Pleasure, and Sex After Trauma

How can we reclaim pleasure after trauma? What can sex, intimacy, and masturbation look like after trauma? In this workshop, Sarah will share her own trauma story and lessons learned, as well as discuss unlearning shame, relearning intimacy, using sex toys to heal from trauma, and self-care tips for survivors. All trauma survivors are welcome for this workshop. Sarah’s work is informed by an inclusive definition of trauma that recognizes many types of traumas can affect sex and pleasure — including sexual trauma, chronic illness, death, pregnancy loss, religious trauma, systemic violence and oppression, etc.

• • •

Sex Blogging as Feminism and Social Justice

Is sex blogging feminist? Yes! This workshop explores the numerous ways writing and blogging about sex is social justice in practice. Calling out a company for working with an abuser, building our careers on the necessity of body-safe sex toys and lubricants, and advocating for sexual freedom with everything we do are all feminist acts. Writing about sex, sexuality, queerness, pleasure, and consent without shame is revolutionary. Whether you’re thinking of starting your own blog or other sexuality-related creative project or you’re a seasoned writer looking to chat about equity, social justice, accountability, and feminism, this workshop is for you.

• • •

Financial Wizardry for Sex Bloggers

Looking for a crash course on how to make money on your sex blog? Creative work has value and no matter where you are in your career, you deserve to be paid for it. In this workshop, you’ll learn various ways to monetize your blog, how to set fair and equitable rates, how to work with companies you want to or are conducting business with, and how to protect yourself and your rights. Sarah will also share mistakes and blunders she’s made or encountered in the past and how to prevent those missteps from happening to you.

Upcoming Workshops

Financial Wizardry for Sex Bloggers (co-presenting with Sarah Jane of marvelous darling) at Eroticon 2018, March 17-18, 2018

Book Me!

Interested in any of the above topics, or looking to design a custom workshop? I’d love to chat with you! If you’d like to bring me to your college, conference, shop, or event, you can email me here or use the contact form below. I am based in New England, and am willing and available to travel locally, domestically, or abroad.