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Hi! Thank you so much for coming to my presentation on Healing, Pleasure, and Sex After Trauma at UMass Amherst. If you didn’t attend the workshop but found yourself here anyway, welcome! Below, you’ll find my slides from the presentation, as well as a list of resources. I will continue to update the resources, so be sure to check back for more! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Slides from presentation:

Further reading and educational resources:

Q&A: Sex After Sexual Trauma by G. Starr Vidal and the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health
Trauma and Recovery: The Aftermath of Violence — from Domestic Abuse to Political Terror by Judith Herman
Scarleteen, an excellent sex ed website for teens and emerging adults
6 Steps You Can Take To Start Healing From Trauma Right Now by CarmenLeah Ascencio on Black Girl Dangerous
Sex For Survivors
Sex Geek’s Yes/No/Maybe List by Bex Talks Sex
Self-Care Methods that Don’t Require Access to Money by me (written after the election, but is a good list of general self-care tips after any traumatic event)
Why I Write About Sex by me
Using Sex Toys to Cope with Sexual Trauma by Miss Ruby Reviews

For a VERY extensive, incredible list of resources on trauma, please check out this list, compiled by sex educator Ashley Manta. You’ll see some of the same resources I listed here, but Ashley’s list has tons more!

Recommended sex bloggers, for learning more about sex toys, sex toy safety, and sexuality (these links are mainly NSFW!):

Dangerous Lilly
Hey Epiphora
Girly Juice
Bex Talks Sex
Artemisia FemmeCock
Crista Anne
Miss Ruby Reviews
Red Hot Suz
Taylor J Mace/Feisty Fox Films
marvelous darling
The Big Gay Review
Insert Trans Here
Ninja Sexology
Mx Nillin

This is just a small sampling of the sex blogging community! For more of my favorite people, check out who I’m following on Twitter.

Finally, if you’re in the market for a sex toy, check out the sex shop banners to the right of this page. All three companies linked are queer-friendly, gender-inclusive, feminist, ethical businesses.