In addition to writing about sexuality here at Formidable Femme and my in-person workshops at colleges and conferences, I’m also a Pleasure Professional with, a radical, inclusive, trauma-informed and pleasure-focused platform for online sex education! As a Pleasure Professional, I teach free, online classes about sexuality, sex toys, feminism, abortion rights, and reproductive health once a week.

You can usually catch me for my standing weekly stream, Sexual Freedom Sundays with Sarah, from 7-9 PM EST each Sunday evening. I’ll occasionally stream at other times, too, so be sure to check out my stream list below for more dates! To ensure that you have 24/7 unlimited access to materials I reference during my streams even after they’ve ended, I create a Google doc of resources for each class I teach. If you miss a stream you wanted to see, be sure to check my Twitter feed — I’ll always share my resources list there, too.

To access any of the below streams, just go to at the stream start time. All of’s content is completely free, but you are welcomed and encouraged to tip during the livestreams if you like what I’m doing.

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All About Abortion! — Wednesday January 17, 2018, 10-11 PM EST
Join me for a 2-hour abortion rights stream! Learn about my work in the abortion rights and funding movements, current federal and state laws and restrictions and bust abortion myths and stigmas. Come with questions — we’ll have lots of time for them!

Queering Reproductive Rights — Sunday January 21, 2018, 7-9 PM EST
• Reproductive health and rights organizations NEED to center LGBTQ+ people! In this 2-hour stream, we’ll talk about creating gender-inclusive, queer-affirming spaces in the abortion rights and sexual and reproductive rights movements. Bring questions!

Policies 101 — Sunday February 11, 2018, 7-9 PM EST
• Are you a policy wonk? Want to learn more about U.S. sexual and reproductive rights laws and policies? This is the stream for you! We’ll cover federal and state laws including abortion, birth control, LGBTQ+ rights, and more! Come with questions!

Emergency Contraception — Sunday February 18, 7-9 PM EST
• Join me for a discussion about emergency contraception (EC), commonly called Plan B! I’ll will share her own story taking Plan B, break down myths and stigmas, talk about what EC is NOT and give you facts about the different kinds of EC out there.

Sex Toys and Sexual Freedom — Sunday February 25, 7-9 PM EST
• Pleasure is your birthright! What do sex toys have to do with sexual freedom and social justice? Join this two-hour stream to explore the pleasure revolution, the role of sex toy companies in it and why stimulating this political movement is so important.