My Top Sex Toys

A few of my favorites. Read on for more!

It’s about time I wrote about my favorite toys! In the two and a half years I’ve been blogging, I’ve managed to build a fairly robust sex toy collection. (So robust, in fact, that I had to leave some behind in my recent move. Tragic, right?!) In that time, though, I’ve never written any kind of sex toy round-up post highlighting the stars of my collection. With Vibrant’s one-year birthday coming up, now seemed like the perfect time — what better way to celebrate one of my favorite feminist sex toy shops than by writing about my favorite picks from their store?

Vibrant is an ethical, feminist, education-focused sex toy retailer. They only sell body-safe sex toys, and they don’t categorize toys by gender (only by who is using them, “me” or “us”), which is an automatic win in my book! Through Vibrant’s business, they proudly help fund Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains, and have been incredibly supportive of my own abortion rights and sexual and reproductive health work. There are a plethora of reasons why I love Vibrant — their catalog of sex toys is just one among many!

Without further ado, here are my favorite toys from Vibrant’s shop:

The Die Cast is the most beautiful wand I own. There’s just no competition. With finishes in silver matte or sparkly black, white, purple, and red, there’s a Die Cast out there for everyone who loves high-powered wands. (Seriously, go look at the sparkles. They’re to die for!) Top its function off with the fact that Doxy is an incredibly ethical company and endlessly supportive of sex bloggers and educators, and you’ve got a top-notch toy. I adore my Die Cast and want to keep it on my coffee table for all to see! It’s just that pretty — and the orgasms are pretty damn great, too!

The Curve was one of the first body-safe dildos I owned, and it’s been a solid contender in my toybox since. It’s also one of the only non- dual-density dildos I own — if  you’re a regular reader, you’ll know I’m all about the squish. Single-density dildos are usually uncomfortable for me to use, but the Curve’s matte texture and flexible shape make it stand out as a great middle ground between the squishy and hard ends of the sex toy spectrum. One of my favorite parts about this toy is its teardrop-shaped base — it’s easy to hold onto and provides a quick way to tell if the Curve has shifted during use.

The Joque an excellent standard strap-on harness. It offers two size options, but the harness has double adjustable straps that create a great fit for a wide range of body sizes. Because it’s adjustable, my partner and I can both wear it without too much extra shuffling between uses, which has definitely come in handy! The Joque is also the most comfortable harness I’ve tried yet. It’s made from nylon, spandex, and soft mesh rather than leather, which means it’s much softer than many harnesses on the market. To top it all off, the Joque easy to clean — just throw it in the wash and you’ll be good to go!

Good Clean Love is, hands down, my favorite lube. I sing its praises whenever possible — I’ve recommended it to partners, friends, family members, sex shop customers, and blog readers. It was the first water-based, body-safe lube I ever used, and I haven’t looked back since! Unlike some other lubes, Good Clean Love isn’t runny at all. Instead, it’s surprisingly gel-like, but without being uncomfortably thick. When you apply it, it stays right where you put it — if you’re using Good Clean Love with sex toys, you can even turn your toy upside down without the lube sliding down the side.

The Nova isn’t one of my personal favorites, but my partner loves it, and it made the list because we’ve had a fantastic time using it together. My partner and I used the Nova often when we were long-distance, and it always helped us feel closer and more connected to one another. One of my favorite parts of the Nova is its app — I got pretty well acquainted with We-Vibe’s “We Connect” app to control my partner’s vibrations from afar, and I found it user-friendly, interactive, and aesthetically pleasing. (You can view screenshots of the app in my review of the Sync.)

Known among sex educators and bloggers as the holy grail of G-spot toys, the Pure Wand is a classic. It’s sleek, curved design is simple and revolutionary at the same time — it’s helped many a masturbator find their G-spot and even squirt for the first time. Because this toy has two differently sized bulbed ends, it’s great for folks who prefer smaller and medium-sized insertable toys alike, with room to grow for those who want to work up to the larger end. Because the Pure Wand is steel, it can be used with any kind of body-safe lube, unlike silicone toys.

The Rosa is perhaps the most surprising toy on this list. It’s no secret that I’m not typically a fan of direct, pinpoint clitoral stimulation or internal vibration — both of which the Rosa offers. However, the first time I used this toy, I was able to come in minutes. I was floored, but quickly realized my out-of-nowhere orgasm was a testament to the deep, rumbly vibrations L’Amourose is known for. I was thrilled to add the Rosa to my list of my favorites!

Sliquid Satin comes in at a very close second behind my top lube, Good Clean Love. To be honest, they’re almost tied. Because this lube is a bit runnier than other thicker, gel-like formulas, I run out of it more quickly, which just makes me want to buy it in bulk! After applying Sliquid Satin, it doesn’t even feel like I’m using lube — it jives with my body incredibly well and feels very much like my natural lubrication. I use Sliquid Satin for external and internal use and in solo and partnered play. It really is a great all-around option for daily use!

The Sync is technically billed as a “couples toy,” and it’s the only such toy I would recommend. It’s not without its drawbacks (which I detail in my full review), but overall, I think the Sync is the best couples toy on the market. However, if you don’t have a partner to use it with, fear not — the Sync is also a great option for hands-free solo play. As with the We-Vibe Nova, I was very pleased with the Sync’s app — in my opinion, it makes the toy. The Sync is also unique in that you can adjust its fit via two hinges on the toy’s surface, making it accessible to a wide range of bodies.

There you have it, folks! My first “top toys” list. Like something in Vibrant’s shop but don’t see it on my list? Feel free to comment below or email me if you’d like my opinion!

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This post was sponsored by Vibrant. As always, all writing and opinions are my own.