Hi there, and welcome to Formidable Femme!

I’m Sarah Brynn Holliday, and I run Formidable Femme. I’m a twenty-something college graduate, queer femme lady, and feminist activist. I am a survivor and mentally ill. I’m deeply passionate about reproductive health, rights, & justice, comprehensive sex education, and progressive politics, among other things. I am also sex and body positive.

Formidable Femme was borne from my undergraduate senior thesis on how to craft a revolutionary model of sex education in the United States. After researching sex blogs for months and discovering my own affinity for sex toys when I was writing my thesis, I decided to create my own website. Originally, Formidable Femme started as a place for me to review sex toys with the occasional personal essay thrown in, but quickly evolved into a space to share personal essays and sex toy reviews equally. While I love writing reviews, I also adore writing about sexuality, feminism, and queerness outside of product reviews. In addition to those general topics, my personal essays often focus on depression, trauma, and/or abuse.

I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with fantastic, feminist, body-safe companies and shops since I launched Formidable Femme. If you’re looking for new toys of your own and you’d like to support my work at the same time, please consider clicking on the affiliate banners in the right-hand sidebar and the affiliate links throughout my product reviews. Those purchases will help ensure the continued success of Formidable Femme, and I thank you in advance.