Review: BMS Factory PalmPower

Welcome to the third post in the Wand Queen series! In 2015, after experimenting with lots of toys in my first few months as a reviewer, I figured out what really works for me: broad stimulation, particularly wands. So now, in 2016, I’ll be reviewing at least one wand per month from March onward. You can find my first two reviews in the series here and here.


The BMS Factory PalmPower was my second-ever wand purchase. After using my first wand (um, so much has changed since I wrote that review, wow) almost exclusively for a few months, I was ready to move on to stronger toys, only to find the pinpoint vibrators I tried wholly unsatisfying and sometimes uncomfortable. I loved my first wand so much, so why not try another? I had my eye on the PalmPower thanks to Toy Meets Girl’s review, so when I started working at a feminist sex shop after I graduated from college, I decided to take full advantage of the employee discount and order a PalmPower of my own.

The PalmPower has lived on my nightstand ever since. Only four other products live there – the Iconic Wand, Mustang, and Sliquid Satin and Sea – so this is definitely a compliment of the highest order. This wand opened me up to an entirely new world of strong, rumbly vibrators I had always heard about, but never experienced in my early days of trying toys.

For a toy of its size, the PalmPower is unprecedentedly powerful. It’s the smallest, most pinpoint wand I own, but also one of the strongest, even when compared to the Magic Wand Rechargeable and the Doxy. Whenever I use this toy, I orgasm very quickly (usually within thirty seconds to one minute) and then keep going… and going… and going. Breaking out the PalmPower usually means I’m ready for an exhausting but amazing masturbation session, often complete with 8-10 orgasms in less than ten minutes. If I want a super quick orgasm, even if I only have a minute or two to spare, I always reach for the PalmPower.

I have never experienced orgasms at this rate with any other toy, so testing other vibrators after using the PalmPower almost exclusively for a couple of months was quite the adjustment. Initially (about a year ago), I didn’t understand why I couldn’t get off quickly (or sometimes at all) with toys like the Doxy or Magic Wand, especially when the PalmPower could bring me to orgasm in less than sixty seconds. However, I soon realized that, of course, the wands I had in my collection were different for a reason: each one has unique features and provides a distinct experience, setting it apart from the others. I love being able to identify what I’m in the mood for and grab a wand accordingly: Treating myself to a long masturbation session? Grab the Doxy. Something quick and easy? The PalmPower. And something in between? The JimmyJane Iconic Wand. (This may seem rather obvious – of course toys are different! – but the process of being able to identify what toy I want in a certain moment because it provides x, y, and z has been an important step in my journey to understanding and loving my body and my pleasure.)

The PalmPower really is palm-sized!

There are a few features of the PalmPower that make it a top notch toy and a few features I have qualms with. My PalmPower is corded, which I actually really appreciate. I never have to worry about it dying when I’m right about to come, or wait for it to charge when I’m in the mood for a hard, fast orgasm. If you are averse to corded vibrators, BMS Factory also makes the PalmPower Recharge, which is the same price as the original PalmPower.

Another feature unique to the PalmPower is its singular button. As opposed to buttons that cycle through set vibration speeds and patterns, the PalmPower’s lone button allows you to increase speeds on a sliding scale. There are no set speeds (and no patterns!); you can land on whatever speed feels best to you. I wish more toys had this feature – there have been many times I’ve wished there was an in-between speed when I crank up the intensity on some of my other wands. There are a couple of drawbacks to the sole button, though. It’s pretty easy to turn off the PalmPower on accident, and there’s no way to decrease the speed without turning the toy off and back on again.

My biggest problem with the PalmPower is the cap. The cap is removable, which makes for easy cleaning, but it also protrudes from the rest of the PalmPower’s head. I have to be careful not to angle the PalmPower in such a way that the overhanging part of the cap pinches and snags my vulva, which has happened a number of times and is quite unpleasant. Also, if I don’t place the cap on the head exactly right, this pinching and snagging is much worse. For folks with a more exposed clit, this may not be as much of an issue. However, the combination of my love of pressure and my buried clit sometimes makes digging in with this wand an uncomfortable experience.

Cap issues aside, I love the PalmPower. It’s not as expensive as some other wands with less power, and it’s definitely worth the $70 in my opinion. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who loves wands and rumbly vibrators. Even if you prefer pinpoint stimulation, I would still encourage you to try the PalmPower – the head has the smallest surface area of any wand I’ve ever tried, and I think it could be good for folks who may not like larger wands. I’m certain this toy will continue to live on my nightstand for years to come!

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You can find the BMS Factory PalmPower at SheVibe.

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