Review: OhMiBod Lovelife Wanderlust

Welcome to the second post in the Wand Queen series! In 2015, after experimenting with lots of toys in my first few months as a reviewer, I figured out what really works for me: broad stimulation, particularly wands. So now, in 2016, I’ll be reviewing at least one wand per month from March onward. You can find my first review in the series here.


As an avid wand user, I’m always searching for new wands to experiment with and, hopefully, add to my regular rotation. On the same day I discovered OhMiBod recently released a new wand, the Lovelife Wanderlust, PeepShow Toys contacted me with an invitation to join their affiliate program. When the lovely folks at PeepShow Toys told me they could send me the Wanderlust for review immediately, it felt like kismet. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the Wanderlust, and excitedly live-tweeted its arrival. So, how does this wand stack up to my other favorites? Did it live up to the hype?

In theory, this wand is great. It’s on the smaller end of the wand spectrum, rechargeable, splashproof (which makes for easier cleaning), and, of course, made of body-safe silicone. It features steady vibration as well as patterns, and comes with a satin storage pouch. Furthermore, it has a versatile shape: a full, round head for broad stimulation, two peaks for more targeted stimulation, and what I call a “clit nest” in between the peaks of the heart for more indirect stimulation. Unfortunately, in practice, the Wanderlust didn’t live up to my expectations.

OhMiBod’s Wanderlust product page features some quippy phrases like “Life is best when you live for the journey, not the destination” and “Not all who wander are lost. Some of us just love to take the scenic route,” which pretty much sum up my experience with this toy. Whenever I use the Wanderlust, I take the scenic route… and I drive on that road for a long time. Despite many journeys, I only reached my destination once in my time testing this toy (and it definitely didn’t look…erm…feel like the picture in the guidebook).

My complaint with this toy is simple: It has weak vibrations. The five speed levels are barely distinguishable as you click from one to another. There is a noticeable difference between the lowest speed and the highest speed, but it feels more like an increase of buzzy-ness rather than power. The Wanderlust’s highest setting matches the power level that I might look for in the lowest setting of a toy that really works for me. OhMiBod’s claim that this toy is “powerful enough to curl your toes” certainly did not hold true for me – I was only able to have one mini-orgasm with this toy, and that was on the highest setting with a huge amount of pressure on my clit.

If a toy feels good but just can’t get me to orgasm, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll throw it in my “never use” drawer – I’ll sometimes use those toys when warming up for a super high-powered wand, or when I want to have a long and relaxing masturbation session. However, the Wanderlust doesn’t fall into this category. It feels pleasant for a very short while, but I’m almost instantly left craving more. Needless to say, I won’t be adding the Wanderlust to my regular rotation.

If you need a very gentle vibrator and don’t enjoy massive power wands like the Doxy or Hitachi, the Wanderlust might be for you. However, if you’re looking for a small wand that packs a punch, check out the PalmPower. (I’ve only tried the corded version, but I’ve heard good things about the PalmPower Recharge as well if you don’t want to be constrained by a power cord.)

PeepShow Toys generously provided me with the OhMiBod Lovelife Wanderlust in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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  • Okay, so this is really disappointing to me, because I have three Lovelife toys, and while the Smile is not impressive, I was really surprised by how effective the Dream was at getting me off, and the Adventure’s vibrations are downright throbby. Why didn’t they just use the vibe motor of the Adventure in this? That’s sounds so frustrating! NOBODY WANTS A WEAK WAND. D:<

  • PurpleElysium

    I’ve been looking at the OhMiBod stuff for a while and although I never liked wands all that much (tho it sucks that this one sucks), I’d almost want this one cause it looks like a scepter from some anime. o.o

  • Formidable Femme

    This is my first Lovelife toy, but I’ve heard mixed reactions to others in the line, all pretty similar to what you said. And yes, it IS super frustrating! I really had high hopes for this lil wand. 🙁

  • Formidable Femme

    Right?! Part of what drew me to this one was its aesthetic appeal… sadly, that’s about where the good stuff stopped. Sigh.