What I Learned from the We-Vibe Touch

When I started this blog, the We-Vibe Touch was one of the first toys I knew I absolutely had to try. I had been reading about the Touch’s magical rumbly vibrations from other sex bloggers for quite some time prior to starting my own site, not to mention that it flew off the shelves more quickly than any other toy at the feminist sex shop I used to work at. Incredibly strong vibrations? Check. A squishy tip? Yes please. And that scoop on the underside of the Touch? My clit dreamed of that scoop for many moons.


A couple of months into my blogging adventure, Heidi at Sexy Time Toys offered to send me a We-Vibe Touch for review. I was ecstatic! I couldn’t wait to try the infamous Touch for myself. So, I tried. And tried. And tried again. And again, and again… you get the point. And nothing. worked. Not only could I not reach orgasm with the Touch, I found very little pleasure in using it at all.

For a while, I felt kind of like a sex blogging failure. Why didn’t the We-Vibe Touch work for me, when it had worked for so many other bloggers and toy lovers before me? After a few tries, I quickly learned that the tip of this toy was just too narrow for me. However, what about the broader back of the Touch? Or the scoop my clit dreamed of? The Touch seemed so full of potential even beyond its squishy tip, and yet I seemed to be able to harness none of it.


After spending some time lamenting my lack of We-Vibe Touch orgasms, I eventually realized that this entire thing was actually a learning experience in disguise. In the time I spent testing out the Touch, I unearthed a whole lot about what actually gets me off, more than I had learned with any other toy (except maybe my first vibrator).

First, I learned that direct, pinpoint clitoral stimulation is not for me. I requested the Touch with the inkling of an idea that direct, pinpoint stimulation might not be my thing, but I thought maybe I just hadn’t tried the right toy yet. Using my fingers to stimulate my clit directly never brought me much pleasure, and bullet vibes were always a no-go, yet I still had hope that the Touch might be right for me since it had worked for so many others. Nope, it turns out that pinpoint stimulation, as well as stimulation from some more narrowish (somewhere in-between a bullet and a wand) vibrators, just doesn’t get me off. (I say some more narrowish vibrators because the L’Amorouse Rosa actually does work for me when I use the base as a handle – more investigation forthcoming!)

Second, I learned that broad stimulation, the kind that wands bring, is what really gets me off. I owned one wand before testing the Touch, but afterwards, when I started to figure out what I really liked, I invested in two stronger wands… and saw stars. Yup, wands and broad stimulation are where it’s at for me. As I continue to test toys and experiment with my own pleasure, this only becomes more and more true.

IMG_7691Most importantly, I learned that what gets a lot of other people off might not necessarily get me off, and what gets me off might not necessarily get a lot of other people off, and that’s okay. My pleasure is my own, and I don’t need to compare my preferences and likes to anybody else’s. My pleasure is valid just as it is.

If you are a fan of direct clitoral stimulation, then the We-Vibe Touch might be the perfect vibrator for you. Handfuls of other bloggers swear by the Touch, and I would highly recommend checking out their reviews if pinpoint stimulation and deep, rumbly vibrations are what you’re all about. The Touch is obviously a thoughtfully made, well-crafted toy – it’s just not for me.

Finally, if you’re thinking about trying the We-Vibe Touch or are just in the market for something new, I highly recommend visiting Sexy Time Toys for a fantastic selection of body-safe toys. Using the affiliate links throughout this post at Sexy Time Toys supports the ongoing success of Formidable Femme, and you’ll get a shiny new toy – everybody wins!

Sexy Time Toys generously provided me with the We-Vibe Touch in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • A Couple of Kinks

    So true! It is tough reading about other people’s enjoyment of one toy and realizing that it doesn’t provide what you need. I’m learning, too! Thanks for sharing!