Review: Tantus Pack ‘n Play No. 2

I have been lusting after the Pack ‘n Play No. 2 since I discovered my love for squishy dildos almost a year ago. This dildo has everything I look for in an insertable toy: a slightly pronounced head, average length and girth, squishability (I think I just created a new word, folks), and it’s made by one of my absolute favorite companies, Tantus.

When Tantus happily agreed to send me a Pack ‘n Play No. 2 for review, I tried not to get my hopes up too much – I’ve been let down by many a dildo in my time, most often because my eyes are bigger than my vagina or the material is just too firm for my liking. However, I am pleased to report that the Pack ‘n Play No. 2 quickly skyrocketed its way to the top of my favorite dildos list, rivaled only by the infamous Vixen Creations Mustang. Tantus, you’ve done it again!


Ever since my Pack ‘n Play No. 2 arrived (quickly and discreetly, I might add), I haven’t wanted to let it out of my sight. When I get a new review item, I usually inspect it, give the silicone a squeeze to see how squishy and soft it is/test out vibration strength and modes, then put it back in its box and revisit it in a couple of days. This was not the case with the Pack ‘n Play No. 2. As soon as I opened its box, I became enamored with how squishy this dildo is, with the distinctive curvy vein running down its side, with its unassuming size… I tested it out immediately, and the rest is history.

The Pack ‘n Play No. 2 feels really, really great. I have no complaints about its design or functionality as a dildo at all. (As for its functionality as a packer, well… more on that later.) It’s one of the smallest insertable toys in my collection, with just over six inches of insertable length and a maximum diameter of 1.6 inches at its widest point, but for me, this is a major plus. I can very comfortably insert the entire length of this dildo inside of me, something I can’t say for many of my other toys.


My favorite feature of the Pack ‘n Play No 2., and the reason it gets along so well with my vagina, is its bendable, squishy silicone. This dildo is made from Tantus‘ ultra-premium super soft silicone, but unlike their line of dual-density toys, the Pack ‘n Play No. 2 doesn’t have a firm inner core. The entire dildo is made of this super soft silicone, and there is certainly a noticeable difference between this dildo and those in Tantus’ dual-density line. This toy, along with the Pack ‘n Play No. 1, are the softest and squishiest in the Tantus catalog. While Tantus’ super soft silicone isn’t quite as squishy as VixSkin’s outer layer, the Pack ‘n Play No. 2 is still an excellent choice if you’re looking for a luxurious, flexible, squishable dildo.

One of the selling features of this dildo, as its name declares, is that it can be used for packing as well as internal stimulation. I am far from a packing expert, but in testing its abilities out at home, I was unable to use this dildo as a packer without it being extremely noticeable through my pants. While the Pack ‘n Play No. 2‘s silicone allows this dildo to be comfortably bent from tip to base, in my opinion it is just still too stiff to comfortably pack. This seems to be the consensus among bloggers in general, but if any of my readers have a different experience, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

Everything from the Pack ‘n Play No. 2‘s smooth, shiny head to its flexible matte silicone shaft to its modest, yet fulfilling size combines to create an absolute knockout toy. While I have yet to reach orgasm with any kind of G-spot stimulation, I love internal stimulation in general, particularly the sensation of being completely filled, and the Pack ‘n Play No. 2 excels at just that.

I would without a doubt recommend the Pack ‘n Play No. 2 to pretty much anyone. Unless you’re looking for a very firm dildo with a long length and wide girth, I think this dildo would be a great selection for a broad range of people and preferences. If you’re a squishy dildo connoisseur or want to experiment with softer toys, I firmly believe you need this one in your toybox. All in all, the Pack ‘n Play No 2. is an absolute gem. Many thanks to Tantus for sending it my way!

Tantus generously provided me with the Pack ‘n Play No. 2 in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

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