It’s the Great Fall Giveaway, Charlie Brown!

Any other Great Pumpkin fans out there? Just me? Okay then.

I’m incredibly excited to announce my fall giveaway! This giveaway is celebrating a lot of things: my return to blogging, my birthday, my favorite season, and the start of a new chapter in my life. I’m also happy that I get to share three of my favorite things with you with this giveaway: squishy dildos, erotica, and money to spend on anything you’d like.

In my short stay thus far in the sex blogging community, I’ve had the pleasure of connecting with amazing writers and innovative, thoughtful companies. Three of those companies – Vixen Creations, Tantus, and Filthy Dirty – and one writer – the talented Rachel Kramer Bussel – have generously offered to sponsor this giveaway.

Thanks to the above donors, this giveaway has four prizes! You are welcome to enter to win any and all products you are eligible for. (Only one of the prizes has a location limitation, so most of them have no restrictions.)

Finally, a few rules before we get to the products:

  • You must be 18 or over to enter. If you enter to win one of the dildos, you must live in a country where sex toys are legal.
  • No giveaway only accounts, please. I will be checking when each winner is chosen.
  • The giveaway ends at 12 AM East Coast USA time on November 23rd, 2015. I will email each winner immediately, and the winners will have five days to email me back with their shipping address in order to claim their prize. If the winner doesn’t contact with me within that time frame, another winner will be chosen for that specific prize.

Now, on to the good stuff!

Prize #1: Vixen Creations Mustang in Tie Bright

mustanggggUm. Um? Can we just talk about how awesome this dildo is? Vixen Creations’ Mustang is one of most beloved and highly-lauded dildos in the sex blogging community and beyond. (To dildos and beyond! Okay.) The Mustang is made from Vixen Creations’ fantastic dual-density VixSkin silicone, making it super squishy and super wonderful. Also, the colors on this one are truly incredible. I’m not-so-secretly very jealous of whoever wins this dildo. (Yeah, yeah, I have one, but I need these Tie Bright colors in my life!)

Not only is this dildo awesome – Vixen Creations is, too. I was lucky enough to build a relationship with them in college when they donated products to our campus’ LGBTQ+ organization to give away during our annual pride week. When I contacted them to ask about donating a Mustang to this giveaway, they eagerly agreed!

Vixen Creations is shipping me this prize and I will be sending it to the winner, so this one is open worldwide.

Vixen Creations Mustang

Prize #2: Tantus Uncut #1 in Cocoa

Tantus’ Uncut line of dildos was one of the most anticipated sex toy releases in 2015, and I couldn’t be happier for the opportunity to give one away! My own just arrived in the mail so I haven’t had the chance to experience the Uncut #1 for myself, but the majority of bloggers who have reviewed the Uncut have nothing but praises to sing about this dildo. The Uncut #1 is made from Tantus’ dual density silicone, and the one I’m giving away is in the cocoa color. The color in the picture above is a bit lighter than the dildo’s actual color, so for a more accurate look, check out Miss Ruby’s review of the Uncut #1.

Tantus is a huge supporter of the sex blogging community, and was my first affiliate as a baby blogger a few months ago. They graciously offered to send me a prize of my choice for this giveaway, and even threw in a Pleasure Revolutionary sticker and a few very tiny dildos for the winner. Tantus is shipping me this prize and I will be sending it to the winner, so this one is open worldwide.

Tantus Uncut #1

Prize #3: Dirty Dates Erotica Anthology edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel (Autographed copy!)

Recently, I signed up to review Rachel Kramer Bussel‘s newest BDSM erotica anthology from Cleis Press, Dirty Dates, out on November 10th, 2015. As soon as I completed the form, Rachel emailed me and asked if there was anything else she could do to help. I explained I was hosting a giveaway in the coming days, and she graciously offered a signed copy of Dirty Dates to include in the prizes! In June, I reviewed Come Again: Sex Toy Erotica, another anthology Rachel edited… and I absolutely loved it! Rachel is a seasoned writer, editor, and blogger, and I have no doubt that Dirty Dates will be just as enthralling and inclusive as Come Again. I’m so excited that one of you will have the opportunity to read it as well!

Rachel Kramer Bussel is shipping me this prize and I will be sending it to the winner, so this one is open worldwide.

Dirty Dates Erotica Anthology

Prize #4: $25 Gift Card to Filthy Dirty

Filthy Dirty is a wonderful online boutique with a firm commitment to selling only the highest quality body-safe toys. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with their founder about toys, body safety, and reviewing since mid-summer, and when I mentioned I was planning a giveaway, Filthy Dirty was more than happy to jump on board. The winner of this prize gets a $25 gift card to spend on anything in Filthy Dirty’s online shop – that could cover a couple of bottles of Sliquid, take care of one-third of the price of the Original Magic Wand, – anything your heart desires!

This prize is open to residents of the United States and Canada.

$25 Filthy Dirty Gift Card

Good luck!