Review: Tantus Curve

When I first launched Formidable Femme five months ago, I created a list of companies to reach out to once my website design was finished, my first review was posted, and my social media accounts were up and running with consistent content and a small following. (Eh, I still forget I have an Instagram sometimes. Whoops.) However, sending that initial e-mail to a well-known toymaker when you’re just a baby sex blogger is much more easier said than done. Honestly, it’s intimidating. I didn’t know what to expect or how my website would be received by the sex blogger world and the companies that we partner with.

After sending a few emails to companies and connecting with incredible bloggers on Twitter, I realized I had no need to worry; the sex blogging community is an unbelievably welcoming one. The very first company I connected with was Tantus, an incredible and highly-regarded sex toy manufacturer. Tantus sent me my first-ever products for review, and for that they will always have a special place in my heart. Tantus, thank you for sending me the Curve in exchange for my honest review!

The Basics

My Curve arrived quickly and discreetly, and the toy itself was packaged in Tantus‘ signature snazzy, colorful see-through box. The Curve comes in three colors – purple haze, midnight purple, and black. My Curve is midnight purple, a beautifully deep shade that stands out in my toy box and just happens to be my favorite color.

As noted on its packaging, the Curve is made from Tantus’ 100% ultra-premium silicone, meaning that this toy (and Tantus’ entire line) is completely body-safe. Given that the Curve is made of silicone, it’s best to only use water-based lube with this toy, as silicone-based lube can sometimes degrade the quality of silicone toys. I recommend Good Clean Love – it’s wonderfully thick, won’t slide off your toy, and even doubles as a dildo beret!

The Curve is 6″ long with a diameter of 1.37″. As suggested by its name, this dildo’s most notable feature is its distinct curve. The Curve’s angle sets this toy apart from a majority of other Tantus dildos and is the main reason why I requested it for review. Another unique feature of the Curve is its teardrop-shaped base, which I find incredibly helpful during use and a nice aesthetic addition to the toy in general. The base is both harness compatible and safe for anal use.

When I took my Curve out of the box, I was pleasantly surprised at its sleek, matte feel. Prior to the Curve, my only experience using Tantus toys was with the Vamp and the Echo Handle, both of which are glossy dildos with much more drag than Tantus’ matte toys. The Curve is firm but still relatively flexible, and I find that its finish and flexibility make it much more comfortable to use than my other glossier Tantus dildos.

My Experience with the Curve

Upon first glance, the Tantus Curve seems relatively unassuming, especially given its average proportions. The Curve’s girth is smaller than my favorite, no-need-to-warm-up-to dildo, so I thought the Curve would be a breeze to insert with an ample amount of lube… but I quickly learned otherwise. I was surprised to discover that I can’t comfortably insert this dildo without warming up first, something I attribute to a combination of this toy’s firmness and shape. I typically prefer soft, squishy, dual-density dildos, and the Curve’s curve (ha) makes this dildo seem girthier than it actually is.

The first couple of times I used this toy, I was underwhelmed. However, once I figured out that I needed a warm-up dildo (my beloved Vixen Creations Mustang) before using the Curve, this dildo and I started to get along reaalllly well. The Curve is wonderful for short, hard thrusts, which filled a gap in my toy box I didn’t even know I was missing. The Curve’s head is fairly subtle, which makes thrusting much more comfortable for me than other dildos with extremely pronounced heads. The Curve gives me a delicious feeling of being filled, even though its length and girth are quite average. I’m never left wanting more after using this dildo; it’s deeply satisfying all on its own.

It’s obvious that Tantus put a lot of creative and intentional thought into designing the Curve. This attention to detail is apparent in many features of the Curve, but particularly in its teardrop base. The base is a unique addition to the Curve that I really appreciate – almost every time I use a dildo with a round-shaped base, it turns backwards during use and I find myself readjusting numerous times in one session. Thanks to the teardrop base, I never have this problem with the Curve. The base makes the Curve easy to hold on to and provides an easy way to tell if the dildo has shifted inside of me at all. I’d love to see this base design become more common!

Final Thoughts

Once I got used to the Curve, I really liked it. This dildo has become a welcome addition to my toybox and is perfect for those times where I’m craving deep thrusts and a fully-filled sensation. I can’t think of anything about the Curve that I would change, which is pretty remarkable. Tantus, you’ve impressed me once again!

If you’re considering getting a Curve for yourself, or any other Tantus toy for that matter, please consider buying directly from their website.

Tantus generously provided me with the Curve in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.