Giveaway: Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager

I am so excited to launch my very first giveaway! I’m still super new in the sex blogging world, but I’ve met so many fantastic, helpful people and wanted to give back to this amazing community in some way.

I am giving away my absolute favorite vibrator, the Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager. The Peak Wand Massager may not be known as widely as other sex toys, but I’m trying to change that! It remains my favorite toy in my toybox and I want to share some of that love with you all. Trust me, this is one vibrator you’ll want to try.

Furthermore, this vibrator is in line with my commitment to affordable and accessible sex toys. It retails at about $60, making it on the lower end of the sex toy price spectrum. I’m giving this away, so price isn’t really an issue here, but I still want to promote products that are lesser known and affordable while still being body-safe and wonderful.

The Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager
The Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager

The Rules:

  •  You must be 18 or over to enter this giveaway.
  • Since I’m shipping this myself, it’s open to residents of the USA and Canada. If folks from other countries would like to enter, I will ask you to help pay shipping costs.
  • No giveaway only accounts, please. I will be checking when the winner is chosen.
  • The giveaway ends at midnight East Coast USA time on July 12th, 2015. The winner will have 5 days to contact me to claim their prize. If the winner doesn’t contact me within that time frame, another winner will be chosen.

Good luck!

Pure Enrichment Peak Wand Massager Giveaway

  • Woo! Congrats on your first giveaway! I should probably start planning something for a giveaway soon.

  • Property Of Potter

    Congrats on your first giveaway! How exciting!

    I’m excited about this giveaway because it’s a product I’ve never heard of before! I’m always interested in checking out products that are lesser known, much like you, but I hadn’t discovered this one yet!

  • Congratulations on your first giveaway!

    I’m excited because I’m recently converted to wands when I received the Magic Wand Original, and I’ve never heard of this brand but it looks pretty snazzy 😉

  • Myra

    Congrats on the first giveaway! That’s always exciting!

    I’ve never had a wand massager before, so honestly I don’t know what to expect, but I’ve heard VERY good things about this brand!

  • Jasper De Souza

    I’ve never used a wand, so it would be cool to win and try one out to see what all the fuss is about.

  • Dayna

    Looks interesting, a compact wand. I’m wondering how it compares to other toys.

  • Glossedovermary

    Great start x

  • Fabiana Green

    I own one vibrator, but it’s a super cheapo thing and it does nothing for me. I’ve read a lot of positive reviews about vibrating toys, so I’ll give this one a shot and see how it goes! For $60 I’ll probably end up buying it, anyway. I really appreciate that you’re putting a focus on affordable toys.

  • Meredith Hartsel

    I am super excited about this giveaway because of your high praises! I have a few nice vibes, but none that can do what you say this one does, and I trust your opinion.

  • Pete James

    I’m really excited to come across this because I’ve actually never heard of this wand before. My lady and I are always up to try new things especially awesome sex toys. The fact that it’s smaller than most wands and has that flexible head makes it a must to add to our collection. Thanks and big congrats on hosting this giveaway!

  • Wren

    I’m excited about this wand because this is actually the first time I’ve heard of this wand and your praise for it is encouraging. I’m always on the lookout for new vibrators (because I really need to get more vibrator variety in my life) and this one looks really promising.

  • Amber Johnson

    Congrats on your First giveaway. This is awesome and I would love to try it out.

  • Michelle Washburn

    I always enjoy trying a new toy!!

  • Craig Non

    Really looking forward to this one bra cause of the size power and potential to give the wife multiple orgasms before I give her even morgasams. Thanks formidable femme!

  • tannawings

    I am excited to try this because frankly the one I have os lless than adaquate. I like how this is affordabe and you have said it is your favorite which would be a good indication of quality.
    BTW I saw the giveaway only account rule… on twitter perhaps I tweet a lot of them, but on other social media sites thats not what I am about. Please dont judge, I follow a lot of bloggers aand many times do tweet to promote them. Thanks for the chance,